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"Win by learning and sharing"

The New Pride

We will Win by Learning and Sharing

We believe that in order to meet the challenges presented by tennis at International level, the fragmented UK academy system needs to integrate or it will continue to get the same results it has always got (the definition of insanity!). We recognise the historic evidence of a collective failure to produce world class players (Integrate or continue to Disintegrate).

“We are fed up playing 2nd fiddle to countries like Spain and have created a pioneering alliance of 5 top UK tennis academies to compete”

Together we will achieve better results on the International stage. Together we will WIN more by learning and sharing resources and reduce waste.

We also believe that responsibility for attracting and coaching future British players who can compete on the international stage lies with organisations like ourselves and not the governing body.

Our Objectives

  • Redesign the way we deliver performance tennis to achieve "more bang for your bucks"
    • Better results from better coaching at significantly internal lower costs (such as shared lessons vs Individuals and “interventions” rather than a full hour) leading to more British Winners on the International Stage
    • Teams within teams - team sport culture
    • Individualised vs individual approach to players; contact time/interventions
    • Give them what they need
    • Rough & tumble of small groups
  • Raise enough funds to invest in “winners”
  • Create a new financially sustainable ‘performance tennis’ model
  • T5 - demonstrate high performance team attitudes and behaviours. Trust each other’s intentions & talk to each other, not about each other

Our Strategy

  1. Create a pioneering alliance of top UK tennis academies (with room for further growth)
  2. Create a Team5 culture of winning through learning and sharing
  3. To create world class:
    • Off court expertise and intellectual process - key role for coaches; not there as hitters
    • Approach to “closed expertise” – any improvement that is not restricted by our competition
  4. Obtain political support:
    • Sell the benefits of Team5 to our local County Chairs for their County teams/players
    • Influence our LTA Councillors support for this initiative
  5. Help each other become strong, financially sustainable businesses
  6. Create an international partnership with a European academy/organisation

Our Tactical Activities

  1. Educate, motivate & inspire our players, coaches and parents; be flexible, generous and bold in our thinking and attitude
  2. Deliver tennis activities which demonstrate tangible benefits to our stakeholders (players coaches & parents) such as international travel, camps, training & competing
  3. Have a good understanding of each other's business structure and organisation
  4. Look at every aspect of what we do to significantly reduce the cost of performance tennis
  5. Design and create an “off court intel” package unique to British tennis (closed skills - no one can stop us being awesome)
  6. Design and deliver an education programme on WINNING for players, coaches and parents
  7. Design a systematic mentoring programme for all players and coaches in Team5
  8. Adopt a philosophy of promoting multisport, especially at the younger age groups (promote ABCs and prevent burnout and short termism) to create a solid foundation upon which youngsters can build a game that will win at international level
  9. Creative investment propositions to support players
  10. Create a multilayer, multimedia communication and marketing strategy for each audience (player/parent/coach/LTA) to help us find/win/keep customers
  11. Team5 Conferences
  12. Parents' workshops


Team Bath

Team Bath MCTA aims to nurture and produce players that can compete on the international stage on a regular basis.

Bolton Arena

To deliver a world class programme from tots to tour, that achieves excellence on and off the court.

Gosling International Tennis Academy

Offering players, parents and coaches the opportunity to be their best, on and off the court, now and in the future.

Everyball Tennis Halton UK

Everyball Tennis Halton UK delivers a top class performance programme for talented and hard working young players.

My Tennis UK, Nottingham

The MyTennis Nottingham Academy has a bespoke tennis and academic programme for players with the ambition to achieve a career in professional tennis.


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